NWF/DEM Data Editing Extension for ArcView

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The Norcross Wildlife Foundation / Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management Data Editing Extension for ArcView is a set of tools that enable the user to edit GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data within the ArcView GIS software application. It contains functions that extend ArcView's ability to edit line, polygon, and point data, enabling the user to develop data with correct topological relationships. It includes a survey entry (COGO) module, a line editing environment, a BUILD function, an attribute entry module, and many additional tools to help you manage your spatial data. The extension is intended to help small organizations develop and maintain spatial data sets without using a full GIS system such as ARC/INFO. The extension was developed for mapping parcels of conservation land, but the tools can be used with any kind of data.

This document was created by DEM/ NWF. Contact: DEM/ NWF.